04 March 2017

Playing the cards we are given

It’s become such a long road, the road of life I’m on. Some say we can’t help the cards we are dealt in our youth, I ascribe to that mentality. But, I also know after decades of living that we can change the deck. 

My deck has changed a few times, with one constant. I’ve been given the joker and the ace, doesn’t matter which design the deck is I keep those same two cards. There have been segments of life where I may have thought I had a beat up deck, a few when my cards were old and earmarked, and times when they were so new and pristine they were slippery or stuck together. I’ve had designer cards, series cards, I’ve had themed cards and now it seems I have extra large print. It’s no small joke either that I’ve the personality of one a few cards short of a full deck, but I snicker at that one a lot considering it’s just the joker making his presence known.

The ace gets laid once I’ve succeeded where before I had failed, learned something new; recognized I had grown - enjoyed the experience, or had the opportunity to share laughter with my children. I reach for these moments constantly but the ace is lost in the deck of life so quickly, we all tend to shuffle a bit too much it seems instead of just playing the cards we’ve been given.

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