17 December 2009

Goodbye Gangee

Feel sorry for me will ya? Especially when they legalize Maryjane. Cuz I can never touch the stuff ever again. Not even if I have the rarest form of Cancer, am a paraplegic, and bleed from every pore on my body. Its all her fault.

Who's her? The neighbor from hell, that's who, everyone has had one or will have one at some point. May it be that we only suffer through one in a lifetime.
We shared a wall, thin wall, gosh darn wall. .. I put rug on the stair treads to make traversing back and forth sound proof, aren't I nice? Didn't matter, when ever she got the urge she'd call 911.

I cant tell you how many times I was woken by a very loud banging on both front and back doors. . "Cops, you okay in there?"
" Why officer? its only 3am, of course its quite, we were asleep!"

You get the picture? My roommate of sorts, likes the funny cigarettes, smoked quite upper-scale stuff too (I might add,) if I get more detailed I may start drooling. Let me focus. He would spark one up, and in less than say? two minutes? Knock knock knock, it would be the cops. Every time, I am not kidding! Never enough time to light an incense stick.
"Whats that you've got in your hand Maam?"
It became too tense to even consider smoking that stuff in my home. Kinda bit the big one. The end result is if I partake I become "cop sensitive", meaning they are everywhere. Behind that tree! See !! The glint of the metal from their shield? It's reflecting in that window a mile away. What you can't see that? Shit, they are behind us, wait, you hear those footsteps? They'll be knocking on the door any minute. Oh boy, look out the window, we're surrounded!

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